Bennett’s work ethic leads to success

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Bennett’s work ethic leads to success

The Daily Eastern News

The Daily Eastern News

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Sean Hastings, Staff reporter

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Kylie Bennett, junior first baseman for the Eastern softball team, has shown a strong work ethic on the field and in the classroom.

Bennett’s drive to succeed was shown on Saturday when the Panthers took on Murray State in a doubleheader.

Bennett struggled in game one but came out strong in the second game to help the Panthers come back and defeat Murray State, 7-6.

Bennett went 2-for-2 at the plate with a walk in the game. Her first hit came in the fifth inning that started a four-run rally for the Panthers.

Her second hit came in the sixth inning to help the Panthers take the lead and eventually win the game.

“In the first game, I don’t know what was going on,” Bennett said. “That girl had my number.”

She seemed to figure it out between games.

“I just had a different approach,” she said. “I just have to make this happen, this has to be the game I finally pull through. It’s all a mental game.”

Bennett said she tries to never let other at-bats influence her next plate appearance.

“After the first game, my confidence was low,” Bennett said. “But I just tell myself that I can play better and to come out with a win I need to help my team.”

Bennett makes sure she has a lot of confidence in herself when she goes up to the plate no matter what.

“My main focus is self confidence,” Bennett said. “And going up there with a plan for that game and knowing that I’m better than this pitcher no matter who it is.”

She is hitting .282 on the year, with six RBI’s. She also has two home runs this season.

Bennett’s drive to work hard comes from wanting to support the team in any way she can. She wants to be a good role model for the underclassmen and show them what it takes to be a leader.

In Bennett’s three years, she has had to adjust to different batting styles.

Coaches wanted her to hit one way her freshman year, and when coach Angie Nicholson came in last year, she had to change again.

Bennett said it took her almost a whole year to adjust.

“Coming into college from any hitting style is kind of hard to change to what the coaches want,” Bennett said.  “This year I definitely see more improvements, not only in my swing, but my ability to hit the ball.”

Nicholson has seen many improvements in Bennett over the past year.

“The biggest improvement I’ve seen is her attitude and willingness to learn,” Nicholson said.

Her work ethic in the classroom helps her maintain her 3.9 GPA while being in the Honors College and majoring in communication disorders and sciences.

For Bennett, time management is the hardest part about being a student athlete.

She said she has to find time to do her homework after her practices while still keeping her social life.

“My goal is to always do the best I can and get straight A’s,” Bennett said.

Bennett maintains her GPA by studying for tests a week in advance because she wants to know the material like the back of her hand.

She will also make lists of everything she has to do each day in the order she thinks she will do them. She will also study every night for her classes.

Nicholson also likes the work ethic Bennett shows in the classroom and tells the team school comes first.

“She knows what she is here for and it reflects on the field as well,” Nicholson said.

Nicholson likes how Bennett is a role model for being a student and is someone for the younger players to look up to.

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