Boards’ proposed budgets receive cuts

Luis Martinez, Administration Editor

The Apportionment Board approved budgets Thursday that were slightly less than what was requested for the Student Government Association, Campus Recreation and the University Board, while the Apportionment Board received its requested budget.

The finalized budgets are $39, 379 for the Apportionment Board; $38,200 for the Student Government Association; $185,485 for Campus Recreation and $179,436 for the University Board.

The Student Government Association requested $42,035; Campus Recreation requested $211,000 and the University Board requested $213,000.

Dan Nadler, vice president for student affairs, makes the final decision on how much the four boards will receive.

The four proposed budgets total $505,414, which is $60,414 more than the $445,000 in allotted funds to be distributed.

Apportionment Board member Thomas Smith requested some of the allotted funds be distributed into emergency funds, and after a brief period of voting, $2,500 was added to the reserved funds, leaving the board to work with $442,500.

The Apportionment Board approved its own budget of $39,379, which gave members $403,121 to divided among the three remaining proposed budgets.

Apportionment Board member David Grace proposed a 3.86 percent cut to the remaining three budgets to “spread the pain evenly.”

After a brief period of debate, it was decided the proposed Student Government Association budget would be $3,838 less than what the group originally asked for.

The Apportionment Board members then had to deal with the remaining $364,921 to distribute to the Campus Recreation and University Board budgets.

Some of the board members debated whether or not to spilt the remaining funds evenly between the two or cut one budget more than the others.

Courtney Sage, the speaker of the Student Senate, said Apportionment Board members should think about where the money comes from in terms of both of the proposed budgets.

“Campus Rec can get money from elsewhere, and this is all UB,” Sage said. “We know exactly what the Student Rec center does with this money, but at least they have other areas.”
Sarah Daugherty, the assistant director of facilities at Campus Recreation, said they are currently working understaffed.

“Dr. Nadler did not want us to cut our hours because we had already started the year, so we kept everything the way it is,” Daugherty said. “We are operating right now at what I would consider understaffed.”

Daugherty also said Nadler had to help pay one of the graduate assistants, as well as funding the maintenance fee through a local account, which meant the Campus Recreation Center was unable to purchase new equipment.

The Apportionment Board members voted to give Campus Recreation $185,485 and the remaining $179,436 to the University board budget.

The Apportionment Board will meet again at 7 p.m. Thursday in the Arcola-Tuscola Room of the Martin Luther King Jr. University Union to hear the reworked budgets from Campus Recreation, the University Board, the Student Government Association.

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