University president, administrator salaries vary

Luis Martinez, Administration Editor

Eastern’s next president David Glassman will receive a starting salary of $290,000, which is equal to President Bill Perry’s current annual salary.

Glassman will also receive $32,289 for housing and living expenses, the same as Perry.

As the provost at Bradley University, Glassman made $268,638 in 2011 while the university’s president Joanne Glasser made $699,210, according to the Chronicle of Higher Education website.

Meanwhile, Perry made $275,834 the same year.

Compared to the following similar public universities, Eastern’s president ranks third in terms of their annual salary.

In 2014, the salary of Northern Illinois University President Douglas Baker was $450,000; the salary of Western Illinois University President Jack Thomas was $265,224; and the salary of Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville’s Chancellor Julie Furst-Bowe was $260,100.

Administrators for larger universities receive considerably more salary.

Phyllis Wise, the chancellor of the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, received an annual salary of  $249,000 in 2014; however, she also received $281,500 as additional compensation.

The same year, University of Illinois President Robert Easter received $462,375.

At Eastern, the vice presidents receive slightly less than the president’s salary of $290,000.

In 2014, Blair Lord, the provost and vice president for academic affairs, received an annual salary of $189,098; Robert Martin, the vice president for university advancement, received $182,816; Dan Nadler, the vice president for student affairs, received $160,030; and William Weber, the former vice president for business affairs, received $149,673, according to the Illinois Board of Higher Education.


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