Student GPA competition begins

Luis Martinez, Administration Editor

The Student Senate is hosting a new GPA competition among different registered student organizations called the Battle of the Student Activity Center starting Monday.

Senator Stephen Simpson is the originator of the competition.

“This is a friendly academic competition,” Simpson said. “(It was) created to motivate students to study and to get closer to their members. This competition shows that student government cares.”

The idea behind the contest is to gather the average GPA of each RSO. The starting GPA is based off the fall semester, and the competition will be an ongoing event until finals.

“The competition is solely based on the average GPA of all members within an organization, and also the executive board will be able to win based on the study tables I will provide,” Simpson said. “Since all the organizations are located in the student activity center, I figured this would be a fun and motivating activity for us all.”

How the competition will work is members of the organizations, including the executive board, will complete study tables in the study activity center.

Simpson said the reason the competition is focusing on students’ GPA is because of his position on student government.

“In student government, I hold the position of the academic affairs committee chair, and GPA reflects your academic success,” Simpson said. “Student government is hosting this, but it is through me.”

Three student organizations are already signed up and ready to participate in the GPA competition, including Student Community Service, which is not an organization but has student workers, the Interfraternity Council and student government.

“It is the battle of the student activity center, it would be wrong not to enter student government,” Simpson said.

The competition starts on March 23 and will continue until April 10. The winners of the GPA competition will be announced on April 22.

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