Delta Alpha Pi acknowledges students with disabilities

Luis Martinez, Administration Editor

One of the newest registered student organizations at Eastern is an honorary Greek society called Delta Alpha Pi, a group dedicated to acknowledging the academic accomplishments of students with disabilities.

The purpose of the organization is to not only acknowledge students with disabilities but also facilitate the development of leadership skills and provide opportunities for members to serve as mentors and role models.

Delta Alpha Pi is an internationally recognized honor society, with close to 90 chapters recognized nationwide.

Members of the organization must be able to demonstrate leadership qualities to help break down the negative barriers and serve as mentors and role models for other students with disabilities.

The group also aims to provide educational programming in relation to disability issues for both the Eastern campus and community.

The Student Senate approved the organization on March 4, though it has been in the works since fall 2014.

Amie Hansen, the vice president of Delta Alpha Pi, said the organization is an international honor society for Eastern students with documented disabilities and who also work with the Office of Disability Services.

Hansen said members must have a minimum of 24 credit hours and have at least a 3.1 GPA. Membership is open to graduate students as well.

The organization was created in response to negative generalizations of students with disabilities.

“Because of the negative stereotyping associated with disability, students with disabilities have been reluctant to identify themselves publicly,” Hansen said. “(Delta Alpha Pi) presents an opportunity to change that perception by recognizing students with disabilities for their academic accomplishments.”

As a new RSO, the group is looking for potential new members to join their ranks.

“Currently, we are still inviting new members that fill the requirements,” Hansen said. “We hope to build a strong community and create a voice for students with disabilities.”

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