CAA to vote on journalism, history courses

Luis Martinez, Administration Editor

The Council on Academic Affairs will be voting on journalism and history courses Thursday and deciding on revising more than 28 courses after spring break.

The focus of HIS 1101: Introduction to Historical Studies would be to provide a thorough introduction to the history department, according to the proposal.

The course would also introduce new majors to historical professions, which would allow them to make more informed choices about their coursework and their concentrations, according to the proposal.

The JOU 1000G: News, Information and Media Literacy would be a general education course for any student with the purpose of having them process media messages and participate in the media ecosystem, according to the course proposal.

While council members will vote on these two courses, they will also decide on adding more than 28 course revisions to their agenda for after spring break.

Some of the proposals the council will have to decide on include a new biology course, six new theater courses and a proposed revision to the journalism core curriculum.

The proposed new biology course is BIO 1180: Principles of Biological Investigations, and it would be aimed toward students who are at risk of withdrawing themselves from the major or Eastern.

The course would run for half a semester and provide intensive course experience without the credit hour obligation for students.

The proposed program change for journalism would require two courses to be added into the core requirements for journalism majors. These two course are JOU 3300: Publications Design and JOU 3610: Broadcast News.

The reason behind the proposal is to have students become familiar will each necessary journalism skill.

The new proposed theater courses include THA 3343: Devised Theatre in Performance, THA 3349: Classical Acting Styles, THA 3350: Stage Management, THA 3757G: Contemporary World Theatre, THA 3758G: Topics In World Theatre and THA 4220: Senior Thesis Project.

The council will meet at 2 p.m. Thursday in the Conference Room of Booth Library.

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