Faculty senate to discuss affordability

Luis Martinez, Administration Editor

Faculty Senate will discuss Eastern’s affordability, proposed solutions to the faculty committee elections, and a response in regards to the athletic spending Tuesday.

Senator Jeff Stowell will be giving a presentation on Eastern’s affordability compared to other universities in the state.

Currently, the university has the EIU4 program, which guarantees incoming freshman to graduate within four years if eligible.

Stowell proposed the EIU3 program, which would aim for students to earn 120 credit hours within three years.

In order to graduate within three years, students would have to take courses for all terms, including summer. Stowell said it could save students up to 25 percent of total costs of attendance.

Before the faculty elections, there are a few proposed resolutions to be included on the elections ballot.

The resolutions are requiring Intercollegiate Athletics to hold annual spending to their budget amount as well as having the financial process for athletics to be as transparent as other programs on campus.

The other proposed resolutions are making reductions to the appropriated funds to non-academic programs and supporting the current efforts of the Council on Academic Affairs in revising the requirements of all General Education.

Grant Sterling, chair of faculty senate, said besides the Stowell discussion, they will also vote on revision to their constitution. He said he was unsure if there would be time in the meeting to vote on including the proposal resolutions.

“I don’t know whether the proposed resolutions will be approved to add to the ballot, so they may never be voted upon,” Sterling said. “The idea is to get a clear picture of the will of the faculty as a whole on these matters.”

If these propose resolutions are included, then they are suggested to the president where they then decide if they want to act upon them.

“I doubt if President Perry will make substantial changes in his policies during his final few months in office,” Sterling said. “How President Glassman would react to a faculty vote on these matters is unclear. Some presidents take such votes very seriously, some do not.”

Sterling said Eastern has not made these types of votes often.

The senate will also look at an email from Sterling in regards to Nadler and the athletics spending.

In the email, Sterling lists three main points: one, athletics had overran their budget repeatedly and concealed the matter from the boards and the campus community; two, the main cause of the athletic budget is overspending, not a lack of revenue; and three, athletics is not a good investment to benefit the university financially. Faculty senate will meet at 2 p.m. Tuesday in the Booth Library Conference room.


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