Staff Senate ‘shouts out’ to university employees

Roberto Hodge, Multicultural Editor

Members of the Staff Senate have created a webpage for students and members of the Eastern community to post encouraging messages and words of praise for staff and faculty members on campus.

The Staff Senate helps individuals across campus with different issues as well as partaking in multiple committees. The senate also handles any questions or issues from staff members and brings them up to President Bill Perry.

Christine Edwards, the president of the senate, said the senate worked to create the “Shout Out!” page to help promote and recognize university employees for what they have contributed to the campus.

Edwards said in light of Eastern’s budget issues, constraints with the state, employees gone by attrition and the hiring freeze, the group wanted to boost morale with those working on campus.

She said the “Shout Out!” page is also a good way to raise awareness of the positive things that happen on campus such as thanking those who shovel or lay salt.

The page can be found either by searching it in the A-Z category on Eastern’s website or under the Staff Senate webpage. Any student, faculty or staff member with an ID and password can logon to the site and leave comments as either who they are or anonymous.

Edwards said it is important to know that they want to be a part of the solution of helping Eastern and building morale as well as supporting employees on campus.

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