New RSOs presented at Student Senate

Luis Martinez, Administration Editor

0The three newly approved registered student organizations gave brief presentations during the student senate meeting Wednesday.

President Samantha Marsteller and Vice President Jessica Hedberg spoke about the new RSO: EIU Longboarding.

Longboarding is similar to skateboarding, but requires a longer board than a skateboard. Hedberg said is increasing in popularity on campus.

“Our purpose is to create a new community and that we want to have a place where people can talk and share ideas and tips,” Hedberg said. “We want to make new friends and have people that come to make new friends, it’s an up-and-coming sport.”

Marstellar said they previously held a longboarding event last semester, and wanted to create a RSO so similar events could be planned.

“They saw potential in our event and so we got to hold a push race which was a four- mile race around the inside perimeter of campus,” Marstellar said. “After the race, it gained a lot of popularity from all the students.”

The second newly appointed RSO was The Game of Thrones club.

Club President Nicholas Waller said the idea for the club stemmed from his passion for the books and TV show.

“The reason why I wanted to put this club together is because I’m a really big fan of both the book series and the show,” Waller said. “When I came here, I noticed that there wasn’t any club for it.”

Waller said he put the RSO together for people who are fans so they can come together and talk about Game of Thrones.

“The purpose of this is just to give a community to the people who are fans the books and shows to come together,” Waller said.

The final newly added RSO was Delta Alpha Pi, an honor society recognizing students with disabilities.

Rebecca Kalas, the treasurer of Delta Alpha Pi, said the RSO is a way to honor students with disabilities.

“The purpose of this is to bring awareness to the achievements of individuals with disabilities,” Kalas said.

All three RSOs were approved at last week’s student senate meeting.

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