Student senate announces spring executive election

Luis Martinez, Administration Editor

Student Body President Reggie Thedford spoke about the dates for the upcoming spring executive elections during this week’s student government meeting.

The positions up for election include the student body president position, executive vice president, vice president of academic affairs, and vice president of student affairs.

Thedford said during the meeting the applications for the election should be out by the end of the week.

Candidates will have until March 25 to turn in their applications.

“For the packet, you have to write a candidate’s platform and get a hundred signatures,” Thedford said. “From when the packets are available to March 25, you have that whole time to complete the packet.”

The candidates will have 16 school days, not including weekends or spring break, to complete and turn in the packet. Orientations for the packets canidates will take place the day after applications are due.

“Orientation is where they’ll go over campaigning violations, the rules such as you can’t campaign here and you can tear someone’s poster down,” Thedford said. “They’ll take their picture, they’ll make sure all their information is correct and things of that nature.”

The orientation as well the spring executive election will be run by the Elections Commission.

After orientation is completed, the candidates will to campaign for two weeks, and on March 30, there will be a debate with the candidates for the executive positions.

“They don’t have to campaign if they don’t want to,” Thedford said.  “They have two weeks for campaigning, and then campaign is done.”

Voting will begin April 13 and end the following day.

On April 15, the unofficial results will be announced, with the official results announced a week later on April 25.

Executive Vice President Catie Witt said the next president of Eastern would be announced at the Board of Trustees meeting on March 2.

The meeting will be open to the public, and the next president will be at the meeting as well.

The Nearly Naked 5k run was rescheduled due to lack of registration for the event.  The tentative date for the event is March 7, but a finalized date will be announced next week.

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