City Council will consider reducing taxes

Cassie Buchman, City Editor

The Charleston City Council will vote on reducing several taxes from 2014, purchasing a new dump truck and approving a tolling agreement during its meeting Tuesday.

The council voted in September 2011 to provide $6.14 million for the General Obligation Waterworks and Sewerage Refunding Bonds and issue an annual tax to pay for the principal and interest of those bonds.

Council members voted to have the tax issued in the year 2013 to pay for the debt service on the bonds, and they will now vote on reducing the tax from 2014.

The ordinance also provided for $950,000 for General Obligation Refunding Bonds and issued another annual tax to pay for the principal and interest for that bond.

The council will also vote on reducing this tax.

The new dump truck, which costs $121,735, will be for the Public Works Department to conform to the city’s vehicle fleet plan recommendation.

The truck will be a 2014 International 7400 Dump Truck with a snowplow.

Rush Truck Centers in Springfield has the state bid for dump trucks in Illinois.

According to the resolution, this purchase will only happen if the vehicle is fully equipped and the city has enough general funds to pay for it.

According to the comptroller’s report, general funds increased by more than $7,000 in January, with $71,000 still being owed to the general funds.

General funds expenses included a heat exchanger for City Hall costing $1,280; the removal of tree stumps costing $1,350; and fire department software upgrades costing $3,503.

A tolling agreement between Charleston and the Illinois Metropolitan Investment Fund will be discussed.

The city may have claims against IMET because of convenience fund investments between May 2013 and August 2014.

The council will vote on deferring the pursuit of claims and defenses set forth in the agreement.

The council will also vote on a raffle license for the Charleston Country Club.

The council will meet at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday in City Hall.

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