Local band hopes to branch out, explore new areas

Cassie Buchman, City Editor

Local band Carlos Danger’s Inbox is a band as unique as its’ name.

The name came because the band members wanted a name that was subversive, but only if people knew the story behind it.

The idea came from a member in the band, Bryan Murley, who wanted to have a band name that had to do with current events.

The name is based off the alias Anthony Weiner used during his sexting scandal.

“I thought it would be funny because anything that would pop out of Carlos Danger’s inbox would be wrong,” St. Michael said.

They do covers of bands such as the Talking Heads, Lonely Island, Jackson 5, the Guerillas, and the band writes their own original songs as well.

Keyboardist Colin St. Michael said they are not picky when selecting the music they play.

“It is a lot more fun to randomly pick things and play them in our style,” he said. “There is nothing off the table.”

Murley became a member of the band after St. Michael saw him perform at a Jackson Avenue Coffee open mic night event.

After Murley, St. Michael found guitarist Shea Keating, bassist James Pritts and drummer Brian Wood.

Murley writes many of the songs; however, all of the band members have experience singing and songwriting.

“A lot of the songs have to do with growing up in a small town, finding a way to get out,” St. Michael said.

They also have written love songs, including some about the weather, specifically about the Polar Vortex.

“The songs are all over the place,” St. Michael said.

Although Carlos Danger’s Inbox has been compared to the band “The Wallflowers” because they both share the same ‘90s folk rock vibe, the band members have been exploring more styles.

“We’ve been branching out, with toothier guitar riffs, funkier bass lines,” St. Michael said.

They have even been working on some hip-hop beats.

“We want to introduce a harder edge,” he said. “Make it less folk, more rock.”

Carlos Danger’s Inbox has performed at many places in Charleston. They have done shows at Jackson Avenue Coffee and the Top of the Roc.

St. Michael said one of their favorite places to perform is the Top of the Roc.

“The sound is great, the lights are great, the crowds are fantastic,” he said. “The stairs are murder, especially with the equipment, but it’s worth it.”

St. Michael originally wanted someone else to play the keyboard.

When he started to want to play songs, he had to learn or find someone who could.

Every time he found someone, however, they would not work out because of jobs or other time constraints.

Eventually he learned to play the keyboard.

“In 2007 I learned, and by 2008 I was in two bands.” St Michael said.

All of the other band members are also in two bands as well.

These bands include “Keatings Etc.” and “Victim to Victor.”

“It’s a nice way to branch out,” St. Michael said. “It gives us another band’s perspective.”

Being a locally known band in a town like Charleston has its perks.

“It’s easier to get people to come to shows in a venue they know,” St. Michael said. “If you go out of town, there’s a lack of a personal connection, and it’s harder to get people to come out.”

On the other hand, being in a small town can lessen the variety of venues.

St. Michael said the audience fluctuates in a college town.

“A bunch of people will graduate, new people will come in not having an idea of what bands or shows are going on,” St Michael said.

Carlos Danger’s Inbox hopes to do shows in Champaign, Springfield, and even Chicago to increase audience and venue variety.

St. Michael said they are recording a demo to release soon.

Carlos’ Dangers Inbox has a performance at the close of the Spring 2015 semester at the Top of the Roc.

Cassie Buchman can be reached at 581-2812 or [email protected].