RHA discusses dining hall complaints

Cassie Buchman, City Editor

The members of RHA discussed suggestions for each of the dining halls Thursday.

RHA representatives asked their halls what comments they had about the dining halls at their hall council meetings.

Andrews Hall had many suggestions, including sweeter lemonade and a waffle maker in Thomas, and to have “less sketchy” food.

They also asked if it was possible for the dining halls to donate unused food to local food banks.

Ford Hall wanted waffle cones in the dining halls along with turning the convenience store at Thomas into a coffee shop.

They also complained of spoiled grapes and mold found in their food at Stevenson.

McKinney Hall asked for French toast sticks at Stevenson on Thursdays, and commented that they do not like the shape of the sausages served at Stevenson.

Each of the halls also had different activities and news for the week.

Andrews Hall is starting a new academic initiative called “Study Bucks” where they will give fake money to people they see studying. This fake money can be used in raffles.

Both Ford and Weller Halls are attempting to get more people to come to their hall council meetings, and Taylor Hall is currently taking nominations for Taylor Hall’s finest.

In other new business, RHA voted to donate $50 from their carryover funds in order to help a former Eastern RHA adviser win an award.

Patrick Bradley is being nominated for the Parthenon award for residential life directors. It is a lifetime achievement award.

In order to be nominated for such an award, groups can raise money to donate in the nominated person’s name.

The money RHA is donating will go to scholarships for graduate students who work in Student Affairs and residential life.

In the “coin wars,” a competition between the halls to raise money for Relay for Life, the halls have raised a total of $76.36.

In the coin wars, each hall has a jar where people can donate coins to Relay for Life. The hall with the most coins wins. Halls can sabotage other halls  by putting in dollar bills in others halls jars.

Taylor hall was in the lead, with $21.18 raised, until a student from Douglas Hall put 20 dollar bills in their jar.

Pemberton Hall, formerly in second place, raised $19.26 and Andrews Hall was in third with $8.56.

RHA is also currently looking ahead to many events, such as elections in the spring, where many executive board positions will be open to run for.

Certain members of RHA are going to IRHA, or the Inter-residence hall association conference next Friday.

There are also spring fundraisers coming up for March, including Green week, which is a week where, among other things, people are encouraged to reduce, reuse, and recycle.

There is also a youth conference scheduled for March 27th.

There will be no meeting for next Thursday due to the three day weekend for Abraham Lincoln’s birthday.

Cassie Buchman can be reached at 581-2812 or [email protected].