CAA approves courses for online delivery

Luis Martinez, Administration Editor

The Council on Academic Affairs approved revisions Thursday to two geology courses as well as a business course that was pending on the agenda for a few weeks.

Both of the proposed revisions made the courses online compatible for off-campus students.

The council approved the change to BUS 3500: Management Information Systems with a unanimous vote. BUS 3500 was originally brought before the council a few weeks ago; however, it was placed on pending status due to some uncertainty with some of the proposed revisions to the course.

The council looked at the two geology courses, 3070 and 3080.

During the discussion, some council members said they thought some portions of the proposal would confuse on-campus students who might try to take the online section for these courses.

However, the council approved both revisions pending the added revisions members suggested.

Next Thursday, the council will be looking at 29 different courses, all asking for revision approvals. The 29 courses include the two KSS course, 3700 and 3860.

Originally, the KSS courses were supposed to have been voted on in today’s meeting. However, no one from the department was available to come in to speak with the council.


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