Student Senate to reveal new executive vice president

Luis Martinez, Administration Editor

The Student Senate will reveal the results of the special election for a new executive vice president at its meeting Wednesday.

The Student Senate will meet at 7 p.m. in the Arcola-Tuscola Room of the Martin Luther King Jr. University Union.

At the end of last semester, Lauren Price, the former executive vice president, stepped down from her position in Student Government.

As a result, there was a student-wide election to fill the vacant position.

The final two candidates for the spot are Jack Cruikshank, a junior political science major, and Catie Witt, a junior communications major.

Students were sent an email containing a link to the ballots on Thursday. Voting closed on Friday.

The Student Senate will also be looking at its current budget. Members will present the budget to the Apportionment Board next year.

Specifically the senate will be reviewing how much student government executives receive. The money they receive basically acts like a scholarship, and it is reviewed every three years.

Another item on the agenda is “Popcorn with the Prez.” This is the second of the Prowlin series for the semester; there has not been a set time or location for the event, but it is planned for Feb. 25.

The last item of the agenda is creating new interactive recruiting events to try to attract more students. Normally, the senate has just created outreach tables in order to invite students to join.

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