Bliss Bakery and Cakery owner talks business


Cassie Buchman, City Editor

People looking for a variety of unique bakery items resembling anything from a candle to a panda can find them at Adrienne Harvey’s home business Bliss Bakery and Cakery.

Owner Adrienne Harvey took it over when a friend offered it to her.

“I didn’t want to let it go to waste,” she said. “I knew I wanted to pursue having a bakery of my own.”

Growing up in a home where she watched her stepmom bake, she still never pictured herself doing it.

This changed when she had her own family.

“That’s just how things go I guess,” Harvey said. “(My kids) love cakes.”

Harvey took her passion for other creative projects and turned it into a passion for baking.

“I love being creative,” Harvey said. “I am a crafty artsy person. Working with fondant is kind of like working with clay.”

To keep a balance between her family and business, she does most of her business while her kids are at school.

“That way they don’t feel like ‘Oh, the business is taking over my mom,’” she said. “I have to make time for them too.”

Part of the reason she works from home is because it is convenient.

“Family comes before business,” she said.

One of the perks of running the bakery from home is the fact that Harvey can be open when she wants.

She also does not have to pay for another building, but would still “love to venture out” of her house and run her bakery from an actual location in Charleston.

“Everyone in Charleston is like ‘I want a bakery.’ I’m trying guys; we’ll get there!” she said.

She said she would love to have an area where people could come in, get a cup of coffee, cupcakes, and she could serve different kinds of characters.

“I do cakes, cake pops, party cakes and cake truffles,” Harvey said.

Eventually, she wants to get into brownies and cookies as well.

“I love trying a variety of cupcake flavors,” Harvey said. “When people ask for flavors, I tell them what I offer. I see what they are interested in.”

She can make a variety of cakes, tailored to what the customer is interested in.

“I love to do it all,” Harvey said. “I have done a lot of zoo animals; I have made a baby doll, musical instruments and cartoon characters.”

One of the unique items she offers is the French toast cupcake.

“It’s like breakfast in a cupcake,” she said.

There are also many interested in donuts.

“I would love to create a donut cupcake,” she said.

A lot of the customers Bliss gets is from word-of-mouth advertising, and they have a website and Facebook page people can like. On Facebook, Harvey shares discounts, coupons and giveaways.

There have been some nights for Harvey when she would be up until 4 a.m. making an order for a customer.

“I get about three or four hours of sleep, then I get back up,” she said. “There have been some late nights, but I pull through.”

She is also busy with balancing her work life with her family life.

“They’ll say ‘Mom, I need this,’”she said. “(I’ll say) ‘Let me get that’ and then I’ll go back and finish the job.”

Creating the cakes also takes time. Depending on the details of the cake, it can take a couple of days to make it.

The hard work is worth it, though, especially when Harvey experiences the rewarding moment of when someone sees what she has made for them for the first time.

“When people see the cake or other orders, their eyes light up,” she said.

Harvey said she enjoys helping other people with her talent and seeing their faces.

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