CAA to vote on geology, kinesiology course revisions

Luis Martinez, Administration Editor

The Council on Academic Affairs met briefly last week. The members did not act upon any items, but they moved four course revisions to be discussed during the next meeting on Thursday.

The first course is GEG 3070, geography and culture of Mexico, Central America and Caribbean. The course looks at the landscape of these places, how fast the region is developing and at the descendants of the region’s ancient civilizations.

According to the report, the proposed revision will not have any impact upon the course except for trying to improve enrollment in the class.

The next course would be GEG 3080, which is geography and culture of South America. Similar to GEG 3070, the only difference is that this class focuses on the descendants of both Spanish and Portuguese conquerors, as well as looks at people from African, European and Asian origins.

According to the report, the proposed revision is similar to the one for GEG 3070, saying that the added online course will be offered through the School of Continuing Education and will be limited to off campus students.

The third course up for revision is KSS 3700, psychological foundations of coaching. Unlike the other three courses, KSS 3700 is proposing a revision in order to avoid confusion with KSS 4326, psychosocial aspects of physical activity.

In the proposal, the revision would be applied to mostly towards the course learning objectives to avoid any confusion with other KSS courses.

The fourth course up for revision is KSS 3860, organization and administration in exercise science. This course revision, like many of the other revisions on the agenda, will keep the course the same.

In the report, the only thing that the revision is asking for is to enable online delivery for the course. This will make it easier for the course to be available to students that are off-campus.

The council will meet at 3 p.m. Thursday in Room 4440 of Booth Library.


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