Library accepting student entries

Roberto Hodge, Multicultural Editor

Students will be able to submit a variety of different art forms for this year’s fifth annual Booth Library Award for Excellence in Student Research and Creativity until March 27.

Allen Lanham, the dean of library services, said the Library Advisory Board ranks the projects on three broad categories, including excellence, creativity/research methodology, and use of (library) resources.

The students may submit seven different works, including written, artistic, exhibits, musical, documentary, performance and digital media.

“We’ve kept the area wide open to entice all majors,” Lanham said.

Lanham said students could apply each spring semester and submit the research they have completed within the last 12 months; they can submit work done in a group, with their professor or mentor, or work done on their own.

Those who submit may receive an award up to $300, but not all will get the full amount. Usually multiple awards are given out, but not necessarily financial—some students may receive honorary mentions. Items are ranked from highest and mid tier to the lowest.

“It’s a very, very comprehensive discussion—we don’t take it lightly,” he said.

Lanham said the students are ranked on the criteria by each of the library advisory board members; the board uses a points system, but does not necessarily use that for its final decision.

Two faculty members from each of the four colleges serve on the advisory board as well as two student representatives.

“It’s not a numbers game,” Lanham said.

Students who do get prizes or honorary mentions will also be able to have their work submitted to The Keep, which is Eastern’s digital repository where anyone can view research.

“People around the world can access it,” Lanham said.

It is of great interest to see the different qualities of work produced by students at Eastern; very personal artworks like poems and short stories have been a few of the “eclectic” items Lanham said he has seen.


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