CAA approves marketing minor, online courses

Luis Martinez, Administration Editor

The Council on Academic Affairs approved a new marketing minor and revised two business courses to be online-oriented Thursday.

According to a memo sent to the School of Business curriculum committee, the minor will allow students to understand proper market terms, plays and strategies.

The council voted in favor of creating the new minor, with 11 votes of approval and one against it.

Eastern previously only offered a marketing major.

The three courses, BUS 1950, BUS 3500 and BUS 3950, will be available online to students who enroll in the summer 2015.

Larry White, a business professor, came to the council to discuss each of the revisions for the three courses.

“The purpose for the revision is to allow the course to be offered online,” White said. “This is mostly intended for summer class.”

The first was BUS 1950, which the council for the most part found no issues with, and passed unanimously aside from one abstention.

BUS 3500 was met with some discussion, with many of the council members feeling the course did not clearly state the assignment under the revision; therefore, the council refused to vote on the course until further revision could be made.

BUS 3950 also had some vague parts of the course description; however, the council voted unanimously to approve this course as well.

The council also reviewed a pending item from the previous meeting: PLS 3253 International Criminal Law.

Marita Gronvoll said during the meeting that she had not heard any word back from College of Sciences dean Harold Ornes about the course revision; therefore, the course will remain under pending status.

The nature of the revision will change the course title to Human Rights & International Law, as well as include some additions to the courses curriculum, including the study of human rights in both the 19th and 20th centuries as well as looking at some of the human rights movements and leaders from both time periods.

The next CAA meeting will be at 3 p.m. Thursday in Room 4440 of Booth Library.


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