CUPB discusses ideas for revenue

Luis Martinez, Administration Editor

The Council on University Planning Budgeting examined ideas from the Education Advisory Board on how to earn revenue for Eastern during its meeting Friday.

Council members looked at a list of more than 200 different revenue-generating ideas, provided by the board’s report.

The report is a collection of ideas from different universities with the goal of the report is to help universities develop plans to address their individual problems.

Paul McCann, the university treasurer, said he believes one of the problems when it comes to using revenue-generating ideas is that there are too many of them.

“I think that a lot of the problem is there are so many ideas in the report,” McCann said. “There’s so many of them, we don’t know what to look at.”

Since there were so many different ideas to look at, the council decided to create eight subcommittees to look equally at all of them.

“I knew we weren’t going to get a whole lot,” Emmerich said. “We already knew that there were things on that report being done.”

The council members discussed some of the ideas that Eastern had already implemented in the past, such as cost containment.

David Emmerich, the chair of the council, said members have been reviewing these ideas for many years.

“We decided it would be important to bring it up as a topic today to make sure that one, was it truly business that was done or do we need to bring it and look at some more information,” Emmerich said.

Some of the ideas have already been put in place, including career fairs and student orientation, which have been done nationally by other universities.

“We wanted to bring that up just to get the idea of is it something we want to do a refresher, review, especially with budgets the way they are,” Emmerich said.

Emmerich said the question now is what is being done to implement the ideas.

“Each different subcommittee will go through now and say all right well there’s this list from this specific topic, so as a subcommittee, maybe there’s one or two things out of this that may work at Eastern,” he said.

Emmerich also commented on a report from May 2013 comparing administrative-faculty rations in different universities.

He said one of the hardest things about understanding that report was that each university defines administrative positions differently, so they are comparing different data.

He said he believes the CUPB and other governing bodies at Eastern should begin by defining what an administrative position is.

Emmerich also brought up the cash-in cash-out scholarship initiative. He said no movement has been done on this.

The Athletic Department’s budget was also mentioned briefly.

Emmerich said issues came up and was discussed at the Faculty Senate meeting earlier that week.


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