CUPB to give athletic budget updates

Luis Martinez, Administration Editor

The Council on University Planning and Budget will overview the athletic department’s budget as well as the administrative and faculty ratios on Friday.

The athletic department budget comes from the past years’ appropriated funding. David Emmerich, chair of the council, said discussion will be to address questions about the budget.

  “There were questions raise recently about athletics funding, so we’ve asked for an update about it,” Emmerich said.

The questions Emmerich was referring to were also raised up in this week’s Faculty Senate meeting.

The council will also be looking at comparing the number of faculty and administrators.

“The administrative (to) faculty comparison also stem from the CUPB program analysis and a recent report regarding student (to) faculty ratio,” Emmerich said.

Emmerich said the council will review a new cash-in and cash-out initiative for Eastern scholarships.

“Cash in- and cash-out comes from a program analysis recommendation to review the scholarships EIU provides from appropriated dollars,” Emmerich said.

He said another purpose of the program is to find alternatives ways to fund the scholarships through a cash in and cash out fundraising campaign.

New ideas for education from the Education Advisory Board will also be presented to the council. The purpose of EAB is to allow members to learn different ideas from other universities around the country.

The council will meet at 2 p.m. Friday in the 1895 Room of the Martin Luther King Jr. University Union.

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