Faculty Senate to hear athletics report

Luis Martinez, Administration Editor

The Faculty Senate will hear a report from the Intercollegiate Athletics Board on Tuesday about its current standing in various areas such as funding and academics.

The board functions to monitor the academic success of student athletes at Eastern.

Jim Davis, the faculty athletics representative, said he would give a general overview on what the board has done recently.

Grant Sterling, the chair of Faculty Senate, said the report may stir discussion on the overspending of the board’s budget as well as why it chooses its own faculty representatives.

Sterling said the senate would be announcing the results of the special election that occurred near the end of last semester.

Sterling said sometimes, when a senate member leaves or retires, the remaining members will have a special election.

“The point of the special election is to fill vacant seats on the senate,” Sterling said. “Usually we have a election in the spring to determine senate positions.”

He said the reason that it has taken so long for the election results to get out is due to some technical hang-ups last semester.

“In the fall, we had an election in order to fill in seven positions on the committee that had become vacant,” Sterling said.

Also on the agenda, the Faculty Senate will be discussing future meeting through the remainder of the spring semester.

Among these dates includes Intercollegiate Athletics funding as well as minority recruitment and enrollment.

The meeting is set for 2 p.m. Tuesday in the Booth Library Conference Room.


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