Fraternity to ‘Fight the Power’ through forum

Roberto Hodge, Multicultural Editor

As a spin-off to the ‘Mocktail’ event from earlier this week, the Omega Psi Phi fraternity will facilitate a discussion forum on social issues among the black community at 7:11 p.m. in Lumpkin Hall Auditorium Wednesday.

Brandon Byers, the president of Omega Psi Phi, said the “Fight The Power” is a continuation from their Mocktail police social event. He said this time the discussion will be about another possible social movement and liberation, questioning if black people are still fighting for the same causes.

Some of the socioeconomic issues within the black community such as an increased incarceration rate, more difficulties going to college and higher rates of unemployment will be mentioned, said Byers.

“How can you say we have equal rights if (people) start at the bottom?” Byers asked.

Leaders of the Civil Rights Movement, how they made a change during their era and how that leads into present time will also be discussed, which can possibly help with what minorities go through currently, Byers said.

The difference between the ‘60s and now is there were certain laws in place targeting minorities during that time. However, the same socioeconomic issues may not be targeting those specific minority groups of people today, but they are still the ones facing the brunt of the problem, Byers said.

“It’s a problem and it’s one that keeps happening over and over,” Byers said. “It’s not just a problem for African-Americans and minorities, it’s an American problem.”

The message the forum is trying to send is economic, political and societal growth, Byers said.

Byers said the goal is to bring awareness sending a better message to the public that people sometimes say negative things about cops, but that is offensive and can cause tensions to run high.

“It’s very derogatory; it angers cops when people say highly offensive things about the police,” Byers said.

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