Chicago comedian performs at 7th Street Underground


Jordan Gay

Comedian Leon Rogers performs a part of his skit for the audience Friday at 7th Street Underground.

Cassie Buchman , Staff Reporter

The 7th Street Underground was transformed into a comedy club Friday evening to welcome Leon Rogers, a Chicago-based comedian.

M.Brown, an up-and-coming comedian featured on networks such as TBS and BET, opened for Rogers to a packed room. People filled almost every table in the room.

Brown, a Southern Illinois University-Carbondale graduate from Chicago, talked about relationships, college life and his home city.

“There’s certain things about Chicago that scare me,” Brown said. “Like the city of Chicago.”

At one point during his set, Brown was heckled — a bump in the night, Brown smoothed over by making fun of the heckler to the delight of the audience.

Brown made jokes about the heckler’s outfit, calling it “the ugliest hat and scarf combo (he) had ever seen in (his) life.”

After Brown, Rogers came on the stage, telling the sound person to shut off the music.

“Imma keep it real,” Rogers said.

Rogers kept the audience entertained by incorporating them in his act, picking a man and a young couple in the audience to interact with and joke about.

He also joked about college, talking about things that resonated with his audience such as fraternities, sororities and college parties.

“Fun (in fraternities) is seeing how much vodka and tequila you can get without throwing up on somebody,” Rogers said.

The audience cheered when Rogers talked about student loans.

“I got $75,- $80 thousand in debt—I didn’t even finish school,” he said.

He continued to make a pun based on the TV commercial.

“Find a perfect girl, too good to be true, right? Show me the Carfax,” he said.

Out of the many jokes Rogers told, his best reactions from the audience came when he danced or sang on stage to prove a point and when he told stories of funny things happening to him throughout his life.

One of his stories was about getting a flat tire when driving in Carbondale and seeing a deer come at his car.

“I’m from the south side of Chicago. I’m not used to this; I’m used to some pit bulls,” Rogers said.

He reenacted a conversation he had with the deer, admitting to the audience that he may have been high during this exchange.

He also told the audience about his great aunt, who would make him and his cousins sleep on a cold brick floor whenever she visited them, falling down the stairs.

“When she fell, I wasn’t happy—but I wasn’t upset. I was feeling some type of way,” Rogers said.

Throughout the night, Roger’s audience interaction, storytelling, and topical jokes kept the audience laughing during the show.

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