Kids to have a “Rio” good time

Roberto Hodge, Multicultural Editor

Buzzard Hall will be transformed into a rainforest with streamers hanging from the ceiling for the upcoming Kids Day Out from 9 a.m. to noon Nov. 15.

Doug Bower, the associate dean of education and professional studies, said the event has been going on twice a year for at least five years and it is hosted by the Education Scholars.

Children ranging in age from preschool to sixth grade as well as faculty, staff and students spend half the day on campus playing games, learning new things and participating in activities, Bower said.

Each year the event has a new theme, with previous years being “Monsters University” and “Despicable Me 2.” This year’s theme is “Rio 2,” so everything is centered on a rainforest and tropical aspects, Bower said.

Eastern students both in and out of the educational department will supervise the children.

“It’s great for the kids’ parents and it’s great with our teaching educational program because (students) get experience with younger kids,” Bower said.

The children will make rain sticks, learn aspects of science, play board games, visit the green house and even enjoy a mini carnival, Bower said.

The film, “Rio 2” will be shown in Buzzard’s auditorium and individual classrooms will have the different activities. They are also expecting to see 42 children and 45 college students, Bower said.

Bower said when they first began hosting the event, it was always on a Saturday before finals, but they quickly found out that it was too close to finals and other events; therefore, they moved the event closer to Thanksgiving Break so faculty can have time to grade and students can prepare for finals.

The hope is that the kids have fun and learn from the activities presented to them, as well as giving Eastern students a chance to interact with young children while the parents can take a small breather, Bower said.

“For our students the situation always changes, young kids are young kids—you never know what to expect,” Bower said, “This is what they want to do (for) a living.”

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