UB sees change with new coordinator

Cassie Buchman, Staff Reporter

Even though it’s only Tylen Elliot’s first semester as the mainstage coordinator for University Board, he has already had his hands full.

With the seven to eight events put on every semester, including open mic nights (like the previous nights’ “Nightmare on 7th Street”) and talent shows, the sophomore communication studies major, with a public relations concentration has a lot of planning that keeps him busy.

Elliot is responsible for recruiting and retaining performers for these events, from famous YouTube singers for concerts to students for open mic nights and other talent shows.

Depending on what part of the planning he takes for these shows, Elliot also takes part on planning events, looking for performers, contacting their agents, and picking a theme for the events.

“It’s just you want someone that the campus will respond to, that students will be interested in,” Elliot said. “It’s a bit challenging to come up with original events, to not repeat events.”

Last year Elliot went through an interview process in front of the University Board to get the job.

One thing Elliot’s job has taught him is time management.

“It can be kind of intense having events back to back,” he said.

He has also become better at working with people.

“Through (being mainstage coordinator) I learned about ways to include different people,” Elliot said.

Being mainstage coordinator has even had an impact on his concentration of public relations.

“With public relations, it’s a lot of writing and event planning,” Elliot said. “This has helped with meeting with agents, and given me real life application.”

Elliot has trouble deciding what his favorite thing about being on the UB is, finally coming to the conclusion that it’s “everything about it.”

“I really like it — being able to create outlets for students. You always see people come to events, come out of their comfort zone. I like providing new ways for each student to shine,” he said.

One thing that surprised him about his new job was the lack of student involvement in some of the events.

“The lack of student involvement surprised me because you work hard to prepare for the student body,” Elliot said.

Eventually, Elliot was able to solve this problem.

To improve the numbers of people who showed up to events, Elliot implemented new strategies, getting information from cards given out asking for audience member’s emails in order to email them about new UB events coming up.

This new strategy paid off, as seen by the amount of people who turned out for “Nightmare on 7th Street”.

“That was my biggest goal,” Elliot said. “To have events with a diverse audience.”

In order to connect with and diversify the student audience, another new program Elliot implemented was bringing famous YouTube Singers, such as Emily Hearn and Dan Henig.

This is the first year of the YouTube singers.

The concerts committee brings a performer each semester, or even sometimes more than one.

“Concerts are large scale, with YouTube students of our generation are more in tune with the performers from there,” Elliot said. “It’s more intimate.”

With everything going on in the UB Mainstage, Elliot said he is excited for what’s to come.

“It’s exciting to see how our events and committees have grown and gotten bigger and better,” he said.

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