Senate passes bill to map campus safety

Luis Martinez, Staff Reporter

Student Senate unanimously passed two new bills Wednesday, the Safety Walk Outreach Table bill and the Budgeting Event bill.

Senator Danielle Burden presented the Safety Walk bill, which will feature the Safety Walk Outreach table.

The table will allow students to get more involved in the walk by marking the areas on campus that they feel the least safe in.

This information will then be used to narrow the focus during the actual walk, during which they will color code a map based on what they find.

“We finally have the colors for the stickers,” Burden said. “Yellow is going to be for lighting issues; red for traffic and parking; blue is the emergency lights, and green will be sidewalk safety and traffic issues.”

The outreach table will have students participate in the Safety Walk, even if they are unable to attend.

Burden said Dan Nadler, the vice president for student affairs, approached her at last week’s meeting and said too many students at the walk might be overwhelming.

“Dr. Nadler approached me after last week’s meeting and he doesn’t want a lot of students there because it is too overwhelming having so many bodies there,” Burden said.

“He wants to keep it small like it normally is, that’s why it’s important to do this, because that way we are getting student’s feedback since it’s not really open to everyone to come to the Safety walk, they are still getting a say in it,” Burden said.

Senator Phillip Love said he disagreed with Nadler, but feels that student involvement is important with the event.

“I feel that this is a good way to help get students involved with campus safety by giving us their feedback,” Love said.

Senator Catie Witt said she agreed on the event’s importance.

“ Without the map, there’s no interaction with students, and that is what we want especially since they’re going to be walking by and they want an input on what we do.”

The Budgeting Event will allow students to learn how to properly balance their budgets while in college and have financial stability.

Senator Stephen Simpson submitted the proposal for the event.

“As a part of my business affairs committee, we thought this would be a good event to start out with,” Simpson said. “This is something that everyone can relate to.”

Witt said she agreed that the event could be helpful to non-business students.

“I think it’s a good idea because I’m not a business major or finance so I don’t know how to budget my money,” Witt said. “I know that this will be helpful for other students who don’t know as well.”

The event will be called “Don’t Go Broke” and will be held from 4 to 5 p.m. on Nov.11, though the location was not announced.

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