Pep rally will have students ‘Yell Like Hell’

Roberto Hodge, Multicultural Editor

“Yell like Hell,” one of the largest and most attended Homecoming events, will consist of students cheering and screaming into the night starting 7 p.m. Friday in McAfee gymnasium.

Lori Knoechel, the Homecoming Chair, said the event is essentially a cheerleading competition between the Greek, Registered Student Organizations and the Residence Halls, which is a traditional event, which has been around for a long time.

Despite having the name “Yell like Hell,” Knoechel said she is unsure of where the name came from, but added there is a lot of yelling involved.

Knoechel said the Pink Panthers and EIU Dancers will be performing along with an Emcee, Mike Hightower, hosting the event.

“This is an event where the community at EIU can come together and just scream and cheer all night,” Knoechel said.

She said the event is not only about organizations competing against each other, but also many of them band together to help compete.

“The event as a whole is the best part, but especially the cheerleading competition,” Knoechel said.

Knoechel said the cheer-off is important because it is one of the biggest events to bring the community together.

She added it is important for students to know everyone is a part if Homecoming and the event has an effect on students.

“I love watching the competition and seeing how excited everyone becomes because of it,” Knoechel said.

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