Boards affected by budget cuts

Luis Martinez, Staff Reporter

The three boards funded by student fees all suffered 8 percent budget cuts this year because of low enrollment.

These boards include University Board, student government and the Student Recreation Center.

Student government took out $4,000 from its annual budget, cutting costs from things such as its T-shirts for First Night and Panther Service Day.

The University Board had to cut its costs by getting rid of Panther Stock, a spring event, and they also had to take some of the funds for the cultural arts.

The Student Recreation Center Board originally had a budget of $211,000, with most of the budget aimed toward the equipment and student payroll; the cuts also may lead to a decrease in hours.

On Tuesday, Eastern’s apportionment board discussed the university’s current budget situation.

Yazmin Rodriguez, student vice-president for student affairs, then brought the issue to the Senate meeting Wednesday.

“Since there is a low student enrollment this year, there’s less student fees,” Rodriguez said. “With less student fees, we’ve had to decrease everyone’s budget.”

Rodriguez also said the boards met together to discuss the budgets and what they would be cutting out this year.

Besides the budget meeting, the Senate also voted on three events for Easten’s upcoming Homecoming. The events included Yell Like Hell, Family Fun Night, and Sidewalk Party, with all three being passed with a unanimous vote.

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