Gaelic Storm to return to Doudna


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Gaelic Storm performed in the Dvorak Concert Hall on Sept. 16. 2012. Gaelic Storm will be performing in the Dvorak Concert Hall at 7:30 p.m. on Oct. 3.

Mace Mackiewicz, Staff Reporter

Gaelic Storm will be performing at the Dvorak Concert Hall in the Doudna Fine Arts Center at 7:30 p.m. Oct. 3 as part of Doudna’s “Best Of” series.

Gaelic Storm, an Irish music band, will be coming to Eastern for a second time after a poll took place to see what performers students and community members wanted to return to campus.

According to the Eastern website, Gaelic Storm blends indie-folk and world grooves with Celtic tradition. They will be singing songs of plight and plunder, whiskey-drenched pirates, flying cannon balls and the ladies of ill repute.

Dan Crews, director of patron services at Doudna, said tickets for the event are selling regularly.

“We have about 50 percent of the seats sold for the concert, which is exciting,” he said.

Crews said they preformed in the “Titanic.”

“If you have seen the movie Titanic with Leonardo DiCaprio, they were the band performing in the steerage compartment when Jack asks Rose, “Do you wanna go to a real party?’,” he said.

Ryan Lacey, the percussionist for Gaelic Storm, said he is excited to be coming back to Eastern to perform especially because of the smaller venues offered by Doudna, compared to the festivals they normally go to.

“It’s the same vibe as if we were playing at a music festival, it’s a little quieter but we get to show off our musicianship,” he said. “It’s also way more intimate when we play at venues like this, we get to share our stories and interact with everyone in the audience.”

While touring, the band also dropped an album.

“We have a new album out that released in July called the “Full Irish”; it’s a best of with three new songs,” Lacey said. “The album actually hit No. 1 on the world music chart, which is the fifth time we’ve hit that in our career.”

Lacey said from his past experience passing through Charleston, their past show at Eastern went over well.

“Our last show here was great, the town was receptive. We had a great time after the show too,” Lacey said. “The energy of the show was enormous as well, we really fed off of Eastern’s energy a lot.”

Ticket prices for the show vary. Student tickets cost $7; seniors and employees, $12; and general admission, $15.

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