Habitat for Humanity works to raise money, builds homes

Morgan Murray , Staff Reporter

They have been seen walking through the South Quad on toilets yelling, “Give a crap for habitat.”

The members of Habitat for Humanity were not trying to make a joke; though they assured students that the toilet was clean.

Instead they were making a statement—students could give up whatever spare change they had in their pockets for the sake of humanity.

Sitting on toilets for the afternoon normally raises around $200, all of which goes toward Habitat for Humanity, a worldwide group and an RSO at Eastern.

The RSO’s overall fundraising goal, called the House 3.0 Plan, is to raise $46,000, which is how much building a house normally costs.

Since last spring semester, the group on campus has raised $3,000.

The RSO at Eastern currently has about 20 members.

Caitlin Wend, the group’s president, said the RSO is trying to get more people involved, and not much work is involved except to show up to projects.

Aside from fundraising, the Christian group also builds homes around local communities and in needy areas.

The group has not confined its work to the Coles County area, having built homes in Jefferson, Miss. and Maryville, Tenn.

The group provides transportation for certain trips, and many of the builds are near campus.

Last year the members did a restore in Mattoon.

“We actually restored the building across the street from County Market last year, and it was awesome to see the 50 people lined up to see the finished result,” Wend said.

Another form of volunteering the group does is work at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore at 520 W. Lincoln Ave.

The ReStore sells furniture as part of a larger effort to raise money for the national organization.

Alaina Ruppert, the group’s secretary, said everyone is welcome to come help out regardless of whether or not they are in the club.

Drew Borzi, the group’s education chair, said helping others is gratifying.

“There is so much joy that comes from helping out everyone in need,” said.

Meetings are on at 8:30 p.m. Wednesdays in Lumpkin Hall Room 1041.


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