Booth Library to feature fall book sale Wednesday


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Luis Martinez, Staff Reporter

The fall book sale is back once again at the Booth Library, and will feature a wide variety of different genres of books available for anyone to go and purchase.

The sale will be from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Wednesday outside the Booth Library’s south entrance and it is open to everyone.

The books that are being sold at the book sale have all been donated and are being made available to be purchased by students, faculty and staff and residents of the Charleston community.

Ellen Corrigan, who is in charge of the sale, said the main reason for the sale is to “have access to books and information.”

Corrigan said most people at the sale are students, faculty and other community members.

When there is a surplus, the books are donated to the Booth Library.

Corrigan said the books on sale are books that were donated to the library.

However, the books that have not been taken into inventory are then placed up for sale.

Because the books that are on sale were originally intended for the Booth Library and were unable to be taken into inventory, there is no set deadline to donate books to the sale.

Typically, the people who donate books to the library are retired faculty members; however, Corrigan also said the book donations come from a variety of different places, including around campus and different local communities.

The average prices for the books on sale are $2 for any hardcover books while all paperback books are $1.

All the money made during the sale will be used to help with enhancing library programs and services.

The collection consists of varying subject areas and hundreds of paperback books.

No specific genre of books is the most popular during the sale, so a large number of different books will be available to choose form.



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