Police called to Klehm after Tugs gunshots

The sounds bursting from a shotgun signaling the start of the first Tugs match were heard across the campus, but not everyone thought it was in the spirit of Greek Week.

A faculty member in Klehm Hall reported hearing the sounds of shots fired Monday, prompting police to arrive.

Once police arrived, it was realized it had only been the start for the Tugs kickoff Monday.

In the first round of Tugs, the National Pan-Hellenic Council and Phi Kappa Alpha forfeited, leaving Alpha Sigma Alpha and Sigma Phi Epsilon to move to the next round.

Alex Lais, the Greek Week steering committee co-chairman, said the NPHC had not weighed in and a member of Phi Kappa Alpha had broken his knee, leaving the Phi Kaps one man down for the little men bracket.

Despite a strong lead for much of the battle, Sigma Chi was not able to hold out longer than Lambda Chi Alpha who, even despite a couple of slips from those on the team, will move to the next round going up against Sigma Phi Epsilon.

Delta Zeta won a swift victory over Sigma Kappa. As the front of their line inched over on to the puddle-ridden path surrounding the Campus Pond, Sigma Kappa lost momentum and footing leaving Delta Zeta to move to the next round facing Kappa Delta.

Sigma Pi also made it to the next round, defeating Sigma Alpha Epsilon in a close tugs match.

The Tugs stomping ground had become wartorn as fraternities and sororities dug their cleats into the loose and muddy soil loosened even more from the showers of rain hitting the area throughout each match. Soaked even before they had touched the rope, the greek participants had slipped and struggled to find footing in the game.

Despite the consistent rain, Elissa Antonakos, a Delta Zeta tugger, said the team had practiced in worse weather so they had been prepared.

“There were practices where there was pouring down rain, it was muddy like that and we were used to that kind of stuff,” Antonakos said. “If anything, it helped us out.”

Round one of the big men’s class and Round two of the women’s class will start at 4 p.m. Wednesday.

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