March weather to be climatic, dangerous

Despite predictions throughout Friday to the contrary, the snowstorm striking Charleston Sunday was mild and not close to the 10 inches expected.

Cameron Craig, Eastern’s climatologist and a geography professor, said people should be looking toward the future with the active climate expected.

While the severe weather is expected normally around the middle to end of March, anything could happen especially with the “freak weather” that hit Charleston Feb. 20. Craig said Charleston has been hit with severe weather in January before.

He added the “freak weather” was only the beginning.

“With what we saw already, we are just baking the cake, and it is rising,” Craig said. “We haven’t even gotten to putting it together for layers.”

He added with Severe Weather Preparedness Week starting Sunday, people will hopefully be reminded and prepared of the things to do during an expectedly rough spring. More information on the severe weather and preparedness week can be found on the National Weather Service website.

Craig said as long as the Jetstream stays active, there will likely be more frequent severe weather than normal. With cold going downward and warm air moving upward, there will be a “perfect recipe” for dangerous weather, especially with the ground warming up in future.

“You have got to pay attention to the warnings,” Craig said. “Have a plan ready to go. Find out where to go (in case of a storm).”

This weather is not expected to change much throughout this week though with temperatures staying below freezing until Thursday with an expected high of 37 degrees, according to the National Weather Service.

The limited fallout of the 3 inches received Sunday will stick for most of week. Craig said this was an unimpressive snowstorm especially compared to the big one Jan. 5. Sunday’s storm had all of the ingredients for a “nice Christmassy snow,” Craig said, with a slow moving system and slightly above freezing temperatures over the weekend.

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