Charleston ready, prepared for snowstorm

Despite the slippery dry snow constantly blanketing the roads on Tuesday and Wednesday, accidents in Charleston have not increased.

Deputy Chief David Chambers said the weather has not done much to create a spike in accidents. The past couple of days have not been riddled with car accidents.

He said, at least with Charleston, accidents as well as crime is pretty normal no matter the weather.

“You’re always going to have a certain number of accidents, in any kind of weather, but we haven’t had an uncommonly high amount,” Chambers said.

He added there have only been a few minor car accidents during the snowstorm. “The flavor of the town doesn’t change just because the weather changes,” Chambers said.

Assistant Fire Chief Steve Bennett said this time around, he believed people were prepared and stayed cautious because they had not been called for any weather related accidents. He said other than the normal routine; firefighters are going about doing their regular business.

“We haven’t really seen an uptick in cold weather emergencies,” Bennett said. “After that last storm, I think people kind of prepared themselves and have been better.”

In the last storm, firefighters co-opted with public works to get to accidents or fires out in the country where a lot of snow accumulated. They would call someone to clear a path for the fire trucks.

It is an emergency plan especially in situations where an ambulance is needed.

Despite the lack of accidents in this weather, Bennett and Chambers both said it is still important to stay cautious.

Bennett said snow, especially dry snow, still creates a higher risk for people driving.

He said to stay in as much as possible and to slow down as much as possible.

“If you don’t have to go anywhere, don’t go anywhere,” Bennett said.

Chambers added it is important to slow down long before approaching an intersection. He also said to make sure the car has more than a half tank of gas to prevent getting stranded in the middle of nowhere.

Bennett said it is a good thing there has not been many accidents because of the snow.

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