RHA proposes revised constitution; to be voted on next week

The Resident Hall Association executive board proposed a newly revised constitution, which if approved will have several changes, at the RHA meeting Thursday.

In the revised constitution, they changed the way the proxy process, which allows RHA representatives to have a fill-in for meetings when RHA votes on something.

While they originally had to fill out a slip to have a proxy, they wont with the revised copy. They instead would have to tell the secretary before the meeting if there is need for a proxy for their respective residence halls.

Laura Imbriowicz, the resident director of Lawson Hall, said this provision would expectedly alleviate the problems with reaching quorum.

“People are coming, we have more than 21 people here, but they are not proxying properly,” Imbirowicz said.

She added this would just make it easier to fill in for a RHA rep who wasn’t able to attend.

The revised constitution also makes it so those who are in hall council executive positions cannot be RHA executives. An executive board member term of office was also lengthened in the constitution making it so they have to serve one full academic year.

If a vacancy is in the executive board for unforeseen circumstances, the executive board and the RHA advisors must then come up with options within one week of the absence. It will then be voted on by the RHA. If they do not approve the options, the executive board will work with the RHA to find a better solution.

The community development committee has been removed from the constitution because the committee has not existed for a while. The rest of the changes are formatting and wording changes.

It will be voted on at their next meeting at 5 p.m. Thursday in Stevenson Hall.

With Kids and Friends weekend cancelled because of limited preparation time, programming committee will now be entering an RHA team in the Relay For Life fundraiser, which will take place from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. Apr. 4 in McAfee Gymnasium.

Relay For Life is a cancer awareness fundraiser where teams of people walk a track for numerous hours trading off making sure at least one person from each team is on the track.

While it takes only $10 to enter, Kadie Peterson, the programming committee chairwoman, said they plan to raise $2,500 through by hosting small fundraisers across campus in the coming weeks. We might have a dunking contest.

“Someone is always walking or running around the track because it is a symbol that cancer never sleeps,” Peterson said.

This is the first time RHA will have a team for the fundraiser.

Jarad Jarmon can be reached at 581-2812 or [email protected]