“This Is the End” works wonders

This Is the End is a mix of Pineapple Express, 127 Hours, Freaks and Geeks, Superbad and the apocalypse.

This movie also features many of the same stars, James Franco, Jonah Hill, Seth Rogen, Jay Baruchel, Danny McBride and Craig Robinson, as themselves.

The apocalyptic movie starts with Baruchel visiting his longtime friend Rogen in present Los Angeles.

The two immediately go on an all day burger, video game, weed spree until they go to Franco’s house-warming party later that night.

This is when trouble ensues – people are beamed up with blue lights into the sky, the earth quaked, everyone goes nuts and giant devil monsters prey on those that are left.

While the movie has well-known actors and musicians, the six friends, Franco, Hill, Rogen, Baruchel, McBride and Robinson are the ones that end up trying to ride out the apocalypse together in Franco’s house.

What happens in the house with these six friends is absolutely hilarious.

The friends decide to make sequels to their movies out of boredom and they drink water out of martini glasses.

Everyone’s true character comes out when the water and food is limited and constant growling can be heard outside the house.

If anyone has ever wondered who these famous actors were outside of their movie characters, now they will know.

Some completely disregard the others, some try to be fair, some share the workload and others are idiots who do not care about anyone but himself.

The confrontation between the six friends and their surroundings brings about some of the funniest scenes including Franco, McBride and porno magazine.

Eventually one of the friends is kicked out of the house and the viewer might think that the trouble is over. Nope.

Someone gets possessed and a devil monster chases down Baruchel and Robinson while in the pursuit of food.

In the end it all comes down to the apocalypse is really happening and in order for them to be saved, they have to be nice to each other. This is not an easy task.

A few people actually get blue-beamed up to heaven, leaving some plot holes in the movie like why weren’t some of them beamed up earlier?

The creators did everything right when making an apocalyptic movie that could have gone very wrong. 

This Is the End is surprisingly funny with characters acting how one would think they would act and some acting completely different.

The movie makes the viewer wonder how they act if the same situation were to happen to them.

This Is the End is definitely go see and will leave viewers coughing because they laughed the whole time.