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Savoy brings groovy beats with new EP

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Savoy has no need to go against nature in their latest EP, “Three Against Nature.”

The mainly instrumental EP features bold beats, groovy synths and the constant epicness that IS Savoy.

They are known for their live performances, crazy laser shows and collaborations with other well-known artists such as Heather Bright, Krewella and Big Gigantic.

DJs Ben Eberdt, Gray Smith and drummer Mike Kelly deliver another solid four-song EP that shows how much the group’s style can change in just a few months.

This is the third EP the trio has released in the past year, and it mixes many different elements of electronic music that are unique to the what makes the trio who they are.

However, “Three Against Nature” is vastly different from “Supertrail,” which was the seven-song EP released in August 2012.

“Three Against Nature,” though only four songs long, brings elements similar to those of Big Gigantic, Daft Punk’s new album and even a hint of Breathe Carolina-like vocals in “I Wouldn’t Mind.”

“Say Yes”

This is a great kickoff song to the EP because it is a great showcase song to introduce first-time listeners to the electronic madness of the trio. This track is purely instrumental and is sure to be absolutely killer live.

“Make Me Feel Good”

This track reminded me of a combination of Big G and several songs off of Daft Punk’s new album as soon as I heard it. “Make Me Feel Good” is the definition of a groovy, upbeat electronic song, and though it’s more chill than a lot of their previous work, it’s great to bop your head to.

“I Wouldn’t Mind”

If I didn’t know any better, I’d say this song was by Breathe Carolina in the first 30 seconds. The semi-pop/punk vocals and driving electronic dance beat remind me so much of one of my old favorite groups, and I love it.

“You & I”

This one’s another groovy track to close out the EP, though it’s a bit harder electronically than “Make Me Feel Good.” I can only think of one word to sum it up, and that is: epic.

Overall, I really liked how different the tone is on this EP. The trio focuses more on instrumentals than the vocals, which not many artists can pull of successfully. Though it’s very different from “Supertrail” and “Personal Legend” (the second EP), I’m sure I’ll still have it on repeat for weeks to come.

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Savoy brings groovy beats with new EP