Choir to perform ‘Songs of Love’

With Valentine’s Day on the way, emotions are elated and people are in a giving spirit of love.  

The Eastern Concert Choir and University Mixed Chorus will echo these sentiments as they perform their “Songs of Love” concert.  

Janet McCumber, director of the University Mixed Chorus, said despite the title of the concert, it is not a Valentine’s Day themed concert, but rather an all-encompassing love.  

“‘Songs of Love’ can address many kinds of love: romantic, love of country, friendship, love for a child and parent,” McCumber said. “I try very hard to think out of the box when programming so that all of the songs aren’t about romantic love, and Dr. Rossi does the same thing.” 

McCumber said she finds joys in a concert like this, as well as her job of providing communication between the chorus and the audience.  

“I think all choral music is emotional. Part of our job, and our delight as singers and performers, is communicating the emotion of the piece, regardless of what that emotion is, to the audience,” McCumber said. “That means (performing) songs in other languages besides English, and songs that deal with emotions that might be uncomfortable or unfamiliar to the performers or the audience.” 

McCumber said her recital will not be all about love, as there is a hateful, but funny aspect of part of the performance.  

She said one of the pieces is dubbed the “anti-Valentine’s song” because it has the same effect of when a woman rejects a man’s love, but does it in a cunning fashion by playing mind games with him.  

McCumber said she feels UMC and Concert Choir is adequately prepared and ready to go for Sunday.  

“They are committed to the music and are enjoying their group sound as well as working together,” McCumber said. “I always feel like this is a great time to give a concert, because usually this time in February is a little ‘blah’ and people are looking for some good entertainment.” 

Along with the direction of the choir comes the work of the choir students themselves, which does not go unnoticed.  

Michelle Watson, a senior psychology major, said her involvement in the choir only began recently.  

Watson said she did not realize that she could be in the choir, because she thought it was reserved for music majors.  

She said participating in the choir has allowed her to grow as a person.

“I’ve definitely become more confident as a person, in my singing ability and meeting new people,” Watson said.   

The concert takes place at 4 p.m. on Sunday in the Dvorak Concert Hall of Doudna. Tickets are $12 for general admission, $10 for Eastern faculty and seniors and $5 for students.

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