Pizza selection provides budget friendly options

Thin crust, deep dish, plain cheese or loaded with toppings: no matter how it’s ordered, there’s no denying that pizza is a staple part of any college student’s diet, especially those on a budget.

With more than half a dozen pizza options in Charleston, Eastern students said they must determine what factors are most important to them in choosing from which place they order.  

Ali Barlas, a freshman family and consumer sciences major, said she bases where she gets her pizza on prices, the occasion and the familiarity of the place at which she wants to eat.  

She said she sometimes prefers staying in for Thomas Hall’s late-night pizza because it helps her save money and also puts her meal plan to use.  

Even though she said she prefers Late-Night’s pizza, Barlas said she does like to go to Domino’s on occasion, but has scaled down since the start of the school year.  

When she does go to Domino’s, Barlas said she uses the coupon books, as well as a sticker card, to save money.  

Joe LaHood, a senior business management major, said since starting college, he has cut down on going out as a cost saving strategy.

“When I was a freshman, I ate out at Chubby’s around 90 percent of the time,” he said.  

LaHood said when he does go out now, his decision on where he eats is determined by whether he’s on the go or has time to sit down to enjoy his meal.

“Little Caesars is great when you’ve got $5. Monical’s is great when you’ve got time to sit down,” he said.  

LaHood said he prefers using coupons to cut corners on his dining costs.  

“If I’ve got access to free money, I might as well use it,” he said.  

Still, some Eastern students however prefer their hometown pizza rather than local pizza. 

Brianna Giesel, a junior family and consumer sciences major, said being raised in the Chicago area turns her off to the local pizza places.  

“It’s not Chicago pizza,” Giesel said.  

Nick Galliano, a junior marketing major, said he mostly goes to Domino’s Pizza as his preferred option, but also considers going to other places like Chubby’s every once in a while.  

He said he takes advantage of the online coupons because of the easy convenience to ordering food online.  

Galliano said a pizza’s price and quality are two main factors that help him decide where to go.  

“I don’t want to eat cardboard, but it depends on moods as well,” Galliano said. “But it all boils down to price.”  

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