Reading to focus on world of antiquing, auctions, flea markets

A reading discussion will focus on the worlds of antiquing, flea markets and auctions on Wednesday.

Maureen Stanton, from Columbia, Missouri, will read her nonfiction book, which she refers to as literally journalism focusing on adventure, history and odd artifacts.

The reading will be at 4 p.m. in the Lecture Hall of the Doudna Fine Arts Center.

The book is called “Killer Stuff and Tons of Money; Seeking History and Hidden Gems in Flea-Market America,” which was published June 2011.

Stanton wrote the book based on an article she was supposed to write in college, but never came around to writing.

After spending a lot of time on the road with her college friend and antique dealer, Curt Avery.

Stanton said she became more knowledgeable about the world of antiquing and auctions.

“The more I spent time with him the more interest I gained,” Stanton said.

The book goes into detail of what antiquing and auctions is really about, Stanton said antiquing is not really like what television makes it seem to be like.

After writing the book Stanton said she had more of a challenge writing the book than writing several articles in the past.

Stanton said she hopes her audience becomes more informed on the knowledge needed to make this a living.

Stanton said she loves sharing her book with others.

“My book has a lot of humor, so I love seeing people laugh,” she said.

People get interested in what antiquing is all about and get a new angle on the subject.

Stanton’s advice is for future writers to keep writing even if no one else has faith in the pieces.

“You have to read great material to write great material,” she said.

Stanton said she always was interested in writing and being part of her school newspaper, but never knew how to write correctly.

Writing is something you love to do, but rarely get paid for the work.

This reading session is the last of the series “Lions in Winter” reading series featuring emerging writers.

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