Honor students rack their brains for charity 

The Association of Honors Students and other Eastern students will answer trivia questions for charity Saturday.  

The event takes place 7 p.m. at 7th Street Underground in the Martin Luther King Jr. University Union. Entry fees for students are $5 and $10 for faculty.  

Clare Smith, a junior history major, and AHS president, said the organization is comprised solely of honors students.

Smith also said the trivia night will be comprised of different questions from different areas, and encourages teams of seven to 10 people to come out.  

“We have categories relating to history, literature, pop culture, and music. The categories are all different so that there is something for all ages,” Smith said.

AHS is also putting the event on to fund charities and organizations like the Charleston Food Pantry.  

Smith said they also want to raise money for their own philanthropic and social events, which include a trip to Louisville.

“This year, we want to have even better social events like paintballing and so on. For philanthropy events, we work with organizations like Big Brother and Big Sister, the Charleston Food Pantry, American Red Cross, Special Olympics, and Relay For Life,” Smith said. “For the holidays, we will be making cards and delivering them to a nursing home while we go caroling there.”

Smith said AHS in the past has worked with the food pantry and currently is planning an event with Big Brothers/Big Sisters.  

“We donated over 550 pounds of food to the Charleston Food Pantry. We are also in the works of planning our annual scavenger hunt with Big Brothers and Big Sisters,” Smith said.  

Decorating tables and getting creative can also net students prizes during the trivia night.  

Emily Van Ostran, a geography major, said she is heading the table decorating competition at the trivia night.

“I have gone to Trivia Nights for my high school and each time, they have a table decorating contest,” Van Ostran said. “I thought that would be a fun and easy thing to implement into our own trivia night. It’s simply a competition to have the best-decorated table. As far as the judging, we are looking for the most creative.”  

Van Ostran said while doing past trivia nights, she has seen some unique table designs for past events.  

“I have seen tables decorated in a Mexican theme, complete with sombreros and margarita glasses full of M&M’s and mixed nuts as centerpieces.” Van Ostran said. “The table-decorating contest is simply a chance for teams to have some extra fun and show a bit of personality.” 

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