Team expects good showing at home

Eastern’s swimming teams will be at home this weekend, for a meet against Butler University.

Both the men and women’s teams will start at 6 p.m. The women will square off against Butler while the men will face one another in an exhibition intersquad meet.

Senior freestyle and flyer swimmer Tammy Bowen hasn’t looked at Butler’s statistics, but explains that even with Butler’s reputation of swimming being very good, Eastern should be able to go blow for blow with them because of their preparation with extended practice and rest.

“We have been training really hard the last few weeks,” Bowen said.

Even though she expects the women’s team to do well, she said she doesn’t feel that beating Butler is what it is all about.

“Being the first meet, not much expectations, more to see where everyone is, starting the year off,” Bowen said. “I feel like the team has a lot of potential.”

Red-shirt junior backstroke and individual medley swimmer, Chacour Koop said he hopes to be a second or two faster than he was this time last year.

“I’m not looking for huge improvement, but if I was just a little bit faster, or if the coaches were saying that I’m looking really good with like my technique or pretty good improvements from last year, this time, then I’ll take that,” Koop said.

Koop explained that the men have been doing double their normal load for about a month now with more drills emphasizing technique, strength and speed.

Junior breaststroke and freestyle swimmer Joseph Ciliak said he feels a little broken down from all of the increased work load in practice but says that he feels better having a lower workload this week.

“I felt pretty good in the water,” Ciliak said. “My breaststroke and freestyle techniques have improved.”

Ciliak said his biggest competition is Matt O’Hagan who he trains with and practices with frequently.

“I expect to be top three,” Ciliak said.

“I want to win,” Koop said, speaking on his potential practice swims against Rich Waszak (Backstroke) and Joshua Miller (Individual Medley) on Friday.

Both Ciliak and Koop think the women will do well against Butler.

“They’ve been working hard, not sure how good Butler is, but they will give them a run for their money, and do a good job,” Ciliak said.

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