Column: Greek Week deserves every bit of coverage

There has been a lot of chatter on since the Greek Week Guide came out on Thursday.

Comments online have ranged from unidentified individuals criticizing the members of the Greek community with extensive vulgar language to people arguing back with multiple comments.

By the time you finish reading the comments, you realize they are entirely off topic.

Commenters are even questioning why we put out a special guide for Greek Week, something which I think should be obvious.

As some of the online commenters have pointed out, a good portion of our audience is part of Eastern’s Greek Community.

There are 30 Greek organizations at Eastern, and one in five students at Eastern is a member of a fraternity or sorority.

Regardless of anyone’s feelings toward Greek life, ignoring an event that 20 percent of the campus participates in would just be bad business and bad journalism.

Like all newspapers, we try to leave opinion out of the paper-with the obvious exception of the very page you hold in your hands (or the opinions section, if you are reading this online).

We write for our audience, which sometimes feels impossible.

Our audience includes students, professors, staff, parents, administrators, incoming freshmen, the local community and anyone else who stumbles across our website.

One online commenter, “The Real way to win Greek Week,” went so far as to say that covering Greek Week is a waste of time.

Our editors and reporters do not work to cover things that are a waste of time.

If something matters to our audience, our peers, then it matters to us, and we will cover it. Period.

Besides the Greek Week Guide, you should note that we also do Homecoming, Housing and Dining, and Back to Campus guides, in addition to other special sections at various times throughout the year.

Sometimes we are unable to cover everything we want to, or as thoroughly as we should, but we cover Eastern’s campus to the best of our abilities in the hopes that it will enlighten or help our readers in some capacity.

We try to report on the things that matter to the Eastern community, which sometimes means we have to make tough choices about what we can cover with the resources we have.

Emily Steele is a senior journalism major. She can be reached at 581-2812

or [email protected]