Senate attempts to rectify parking

Parking at Eastern has been a problem for students, upper-and underclassmen, but a recent resolution by the Student Senate could simplify the parking problem.

Student Senate members Zach Samples, Kaci Abolt and J.R. Patton said they think the newest resolution to combine both underclassman and upperclassman parking lots will eliminate many parking issues.

Samples, Abolt and Patton revised an older resolution to redistribute upperclassman and staff parking lots to underclassmen after speaking with Chief Adam Due of the University Police Department.

“The old resolution would have created more problems,” Due said.

The newest resolution to end the distinction between underclassman and upperclassman parking lots will be less confusing for student drivers, Due said.

Students not in favor of the resolution should take notice that Due is completely behind this resolution, said Samples, a freshman history major.

“We as students don’t deal with enforcing parking everyday; Chief Due does,” he said. “And he knows what is best.”

Out of the nine public state universities, Eastern and Southern Illinois University-Carbondale are the only two universities that have a distinction between upperclassman and underclassman parking lots.

Samples, Abolt and Patton introduced the resolution to the Student Senate Wednesday during the meeting. The Student Senate members were asked to get feedback from students around campus.

Student Senate member Alex Boyd is opposed to the resolution, but is depending on his feedback from the student body to vote correctly on the resolution.

“The parking on campus is a problem and I like the direction that they’re heading but this resolution of generalizing the entire campus can cause more problems than good,” Boyd said.

Boyd, a sophomore political science major, said the three Student Senate members should consider conducting an experimental trial of one or two lots first.

If the trial is successful, then another resolution can be made to end the distinction between upperclassman and underclassman lots all together.

If the Student Senate members approve the resolution in the future, it only serves as a suggestion to the administration.

Ultimately, the administration is in charge of implementing this change.

Some people are worried the resolution will have an effect on commuting students, said Patton, a junior political science major.

Because upperclassman and underclassman lots will be combined, it might cause commuting students to have to park further away.

Patton suggests the student government propose another resolution strictly for commuters if the problem were to become an issue.

Abolt said if the Eastern student body disagrees with the proposed resolution then she, Samples and Patton are willing to make a different resolution.

Comments about the resolution can be submitted on the student government’s website or during the Student Senate meeting at 7 p.m. on Wednesday in the Arcola-Tuscola Room of the Martin Luther King Jr. University Union.

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