AMA to host marketing presentation via Skype

The American Marketing Association will host a visit by Jennifer Anton from MillerCoors Corporation via Skype at the School of Business on Thursday.

Anton has a background in advertising and is expected to talk about brand management and innovation. As a part of the MillerCoors Corporation, Anton has represented products such as Miller Genuine Draft, Miller Lite, Coors, Peroni, Blue Moon and Batch 19.

Anton has also worked on brand management for Unilever and Constellation Brands.

The presentation will take place at 6:30 p.m. Thursday in Lumpkin Hall, Room 2020.

Thomas Costello, assistant professor of marketing and faculty adviser for the AMA, said this is not the first time Skype has been used to bring a presenter to the School of Business. In the past, technology has helped students hear from presenters as far away as Ireland.

The AMA is a student-run organization, giving students an opportunity to try their hand at the practical implications of their future careers. Costello said it is primarily the students who are responsible for running the AMA.

“The students set this all up (and) are the ones who find the speakers,” Costello said. “They learn to lead, to have ownership over their responsibilities. They learn to delegate and learn to work together as a team. So all of these things come together to make for a great integrative learning experience.”

Chelsea Backes, president of the AMA chapter on Eastern’s campus, said she expects a decent turnout for the event considering the company’s recognizable name.

“I feel that a lot of students will be interested in (the presentation),” Backes said.

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