Snow days not option in college

Snowy days do not necessarily mean snow days, at least not for college students. Cold temperatures and snow on the ground are not reasons to skip classes, especially during syllabus week.

Wednesday’s weather is an example of this. High winds and heavy snow made travel anywhere a little dangerous, but the first week of classes is one of the most important in the semester because students learn the rules and regulations of their classes. It may turn out that attendance is mandatory.

Besides missing out on information and homework assignments skipping class is literally a waste of money. A single class costs just under $20. With the tuition costs today students should get the most they can out of their money. One of the best ways to do this is to actually go to class.

It is understandable if students who commute cannot get on campus because the roads are bad or the snow is falling heavily, but even then there are teachers who make the commute regardless of the weather.

Those who live in town have no excuse.

It may not be fun to walk to class in the snow and it sure is not fun to drive in, but Eastern’s campus is small enough that it does not take too long to get to where one needs to go.

Students might have to wake up a few minutes earlier so they can leave earlier to get to class on time.

However, it still should not take much longer than the normal time it takes someone to get to class. The snow might mean it will take about 15 minutes instead of 10 minutes to get across campus. Regardless of how long it takes someone to get to their classes they should still be going.

Every student going to Eastern knew when he or she applied that it is located in central Illinois. Snow is almost a guarantee.

Therefore, every student knows that they need to bring a warm coat or jacket and proper shoes for when it snows with them when they come to school.

Winter is not the time for T-shirts and shorts. Students need to be smart and realize that they need to dress appropriately when going outside during the winter.

No excuse is a good enough reason to skip classes. We are attending a university to learn and the only way to do so is to go to class.

So get up early, dress appropriately and go to class – snow or no snow.