Library prepares for exam week

In preparation for the semester’s culminating activities, Booth Library is gearing to aid students prepare for exams and final projects.

“Even before finals week we know that there will be a lot of papers and assignments due,” said Jocelyn Tipton of library services. “We free up as much computer space as we can for students who are writing papers.”

Tipton said traffic through the library will increase during not just finals week, but the weeks preceding it.

“We will see a lot more people in the building, from the time we open to the time we close,” she said.

Despite the increase in attendance, the library tends to quiet down during finals week, said Allen Lanham, dean of library services.

“It’s an important time for students and the value should not be underestimated of spending lots of time in careful (preparation) and finishing writing projects, and this is a great place to do that,” Lanham said.

However there will be some time to take a break from the books.

Booth Library and the public services committee will have a library study break during finals week, where lemonade and popcorn will be provided to students who are studying.

Tipton said during those crucial weeks at the end of the semester, there are more students actively using library resources and study space.

This increase in usage of library resources is mainly a product of the time frame and setting. However, overall, students are becoming less and less inclined to use the resources that libraries offer, Tipton said.

Despite this, Tipton said the use of Booth Library and its resources will show very little signs of slowing in the coming weeks.

“A little more hectic, but it’s what we enjoy,” Tipton said. “We understand that it’s a stressful time for the students so we want to make it as easy for them as possible.”

In addition to readying the library and the students for finals, the library makes an effort to educate beyond simply providing study space and resource.

“The library shouldn’t just be a place where you come to look up somebody else’s work, the librarians are creating and compiling things that help people look at various themes and topics throughout the year,” Lanham said.

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