Rec’s Finest crowned basketball champs

The co-ed intramural basketball league held its championship game Monday at the Student Recreation Center. The match-up featured Rec’s Finest (6-1-1) and Untouchables (5-2-1).

In the semifinal round, Rec’s Finest managed a 71-67 victory over C-Invasion, while Untouchables edged out Nothin’ But Nets to a score of 67-64.

From the start of the contest, it became clear who the key players for Untouchables would be.

The pair of Kristopher Beaty and Christopher Brown was a force to be reckoned with. Beaty’s speed and athletic ability, combined with Brown’s size and ability to grab rebounds proved to be a major advantage for the Untouchables.

After five minutes of play, Untouchables found themselves leading 8-4.

As the game continued, Rec’s Finest began to find itself getting into foul trouble. In the first eight minutes of the game, Rec’s Finest sent Untouchables players to the free throw line three times.

Players on the Rec’s Finest sideline expressed concern for the team’s foul trouble, but just two minutes later, Ronny Bell put a hard foul on Cody Rich of Untouchables. Luckily for Rec’s Finest, Rich missed both shots.

After missing both free throws, Rich struck back with a lay-up to put the score at 13-12 with seven minutes to play. A fast break by Kristopher Beaty shortly after extended the lead to 15-13 for the Untouchables.

The game eventually became tied at 17-17, but Rec’s Finest put Untouchables at the line again. Freddie Perry of Untouchables put his team up 19-17 by making both free throws.

The first player to finally step up for Rec’s Finest in first half’s final minutes was Weldon Williams, whose barrage of three-pointers helped put Rec’s Finest ahead at the end of the first half 25-24.

In the second half, a new key player emerged for Untouchables – Andrew Shick, the biggest player on the court.

Shick made his presence known with his rebounds, points and free throw shooting ability. With Shick’s help, Untouchables held a 31-30 lead with fifteen minutes left in the game.

With twelve minutes to play, Untouchables player Kristopher Beaty was knocked down hard and remained down on the court for several minutes. Beaty got up under his own power and remained in the game.

Williams continued to put on a clinic of three-point shooting, knocking down more baskets to bring the score to a 45-43 lead for Rec’s Finest.

But that was just the beginning of the Rec’s Finest hot streak.

Bell sent a pass to teammate Rob Wilburn for the score. Then, after a foul by Christopher Brown on Wilburn, Wilburn made both free throws to extend the lead to 49-43 with 2:50 to play.

Beaty was fouled as he made a lay-up, but failed to convert on the free throw, leaving Untouchables down by three.

With 1:20 seconds to play, the score was 51-49 in favor of Rec’s Finest after Andrew Shick drained a three pointer.

After a series of quick scores by both teams, Freddie Perry knocked down another three pointer with 52 seconds left to cut the Rec’s Finest lead to one, with the score 55-54.

After Weldon Williams made one free throw for Rec’s Finest, and Perry made two for Untouchables to tie the game, 56-56, with 26 seconds left.

The fouls continued as Williams was again sent to the line by Beaty. Williams knocked down both free throws, putting Rec’s Finest up by two.

Once Untouchables regained possession, Freddie Perry charged down the court, only to miss a crucial, game tying lay up. After having to foul to stop the clock, Jitenga Knox of Rec’s Finest knocked down two free throws to seal the game for Rec’s Finest.

The Untouchables were unable to make a last second, four-point shot from half-court to send the game into overtime.

Williams said the keys to victory for his team were playing good defense on the key Untouchable players, as well as getting rebounds and making free throws.

Despite the team’s shortcomings, Perry said he was happy with Untouchable’s performance.

“Andrew (Shick) sealed the man for me perfectly, but I just came up short,” Perry said. “My team still played really well and I’m really proud of them. Without them, I wouldn’t have been able to do what I did.”

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