Looks good, tastes great

According to the Planet Wiener sign, the new restaurant offers hot dogs, burgers and fries. But going to the restaurant offers much more than food.

Planet Wiener has a small town, 1960s diner feel that is welcoming to visitors. The classic albums, posters and funny advertisements painted across the walls add to the unique motif.

To add to its old school theme, Planet Wiener has delicious hot dogs, burgers and fries of all sorts.

From Coney Island hot dogs to Chicago style, or the Planet Wiener special burger to a standard double cheeseburger, Planet Wiener offers a ton of choices.

The dogs and burgers are tasty, but their cheese fries are the best. Homemade, the fries turn from solid potato to strips of fries in three seconds in the back of the kitchen as they are put through a tool resembling a cheese grater.

To paint a picture, the cheese fries are more like fries dipped in a basket of cheese than they are cheese dumped in a basket of fries.

Planet Wiener is replacing Boxa Pizza, yes; but really it is replacing the small town, unique atmosphere that many people loved in Dog ‘n Suds.

Planet Wiener is new, so it’ll have some kinks to work out; however, if you haven’t been already, Planet Wiener is a must-see and a must-taste.

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